Sketchpad to Shelf: Pre-Sketch

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Your insights are bringing the Savasana Wrap to life and during this adventure, we will be passing through four stages:

  1. Pre-Sketch
  2. Sketch
  3. Production
  4. Shelf


We are currently in the Pre-Sketch stage which is all about ideas, insight, inspiration, research, learnings and feedback. We are kicking off this stage with a little visual web. carasumpton jotted down all of the different ways our designers hear from our guests (aka You!) and the places they gather inspiration from, when creating innovative designs that push the envelope.






For Sketchpad to Shelf ,the Pre-Sketch stage took place pre-dominantly here on heylululemon, with all of the nominations and votes shared during One More Time.  Thanks for collaborating with us and adding your voice to Pre-Sketch!


More details to come as we pull back the curtain and give a glimpse into our product lifecycle.

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