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during a recent trip to lululemon, i received the brahmacharya shopping bag with my purchases. i left the store before reading the bag, and upon reading it, was deeply disturbed by its suggested messages.  although there is certainly validity in the advice that "moderation is key," i feel it is up to individual consumers, not lululemon executives, to determine which activities they choose to perform, whether in moderation or not. the problematic presentation of certain items on the bag as absolute "no-no's" makes the rest of the items seem equally as abominable. the most horrifying to me is a condom that reads "nosex." that message does not communicate moderation; it communicates abstinence. furthermore, it appears on a condom, which leads me to believe that because of your abstinence-only stance (i jump to this conclusion because of the "nosex" message), your company would not support condom use. i should be able to shop at your store knowing nothing about your take as a company on abstinence, safe sex, or sexual practices.  because of the lack of subtlety in the extreme "nosex" message, what, then, should be made of the beer bottles with "cirrhosis club" and "blackout" written on them? or the artificial sweetener package branded with the poor pun "feel-n-low"? how do you justify such an ignorant play-on-words to your diabetic customers or those with dietary restrictions who may be obligated for health reasons to avoid sugar and instead use artificial sweeteners?

it is not your place as a clothing company to promote political and social agendas. it is not your place to offer what ends up being medical advice by deeming certain diets and lifestyles unhealthy. if you desire to be an educational voice in addition to a clothier, you must consider the political and social messages you are exhibiting not only to your shoppers, but to potential shoppers and others who see your bags toted around.


because of the ignorant and insensitive messages implied on the brahmacharya bag, i can only assume that lululemon harbors certain political sentiments which, in this case, i do not condone. as long as you promote any political messages, regardless of whether they coincide with my personal beliefs, i will no longer patronize your business.

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