Feedback for Seawheeze 2013

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Hi Seawheeze team,


We had a lot of fun this year, but I have some suggestions that will make this a more awesome event in 2014.


1) Store: The lineup was at least 3 hours long. For those of us who just wanted to pick up our race packs, it was frustrating because most of the line was for the store. My suggestion is to make 3 lines, one for race package pick up, one for the store and one for shorts exchange. OR, you can make the package pick up and store opening at different time. This would help with the line length for people only wanting to do package pick up.


2) Additionally, we got 15% off last year - and we were all very disappointed that we didn't get any discount this year. Lulu can afford to maybe give runners (only runners) a small discount on ONE souvenir item, especially since we paid $128 for the race already. It would be a nice gesture. This year it seemed like a bit of a money-grab in the merch store, and you, as a company, are better than that. Integrity is one of your main philosophies, please don't lose it!!


3) Merch: The branded wear sold out very quickly. By they time I got into the store, the mermaid top I wanted was sold out. People want Seawheeze branded clothing, not just a funky design. We like the "VanSweaty" slogan too. My suggestion would be to make more branded clothing next year! Make more designs and more stock. This would sell, and people wouldn't be as disappointed. **If you aren't going to give away the sandals next year, maybe have them for sale. People loved the sandals in 2012!


4) Vendors: Absolutely awesome! You had the best vendors this year! Saje was especially accommodating when I needed sunscreen.


5) Yoga: Awesome. However, many of us got burned in the sun... I know, it's our own fault. But it would be a nice gesture if the volunteers carried around little bottles of sunscreen to give us a spray if we're getting pink...


6) Concert: So fun, but really, ending at 10:30 after we got up at 5am and ran 21.1K? People were filing out at 9pm because we were exhausted!! In 2012, the concert was early, and we could all get to bed at a reasonable time. Lets shoot for an early show in 2014!


7) Shuttles: Great idea! Keep this option for next year as well. Especially because people are drinking at the party.


8) Voluncheers: The cheering was sparse at the beginning of the run. Some of them really weren't cheering at all. My suggestion is to make more signs and have more cheerers at the beginning. Lets over saturate the sidelines!!!


Thanks for listening!


Dayna Friend

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