One More Time! please bring back the STRIDE JACKET!

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With its deep hood, wonderful, thick luon and thumbholes...this is the one and only great jacket that I will ever wear during my yoga practice. I own two, and they are collectors items to me, because Lulu does not make them anymore. It is comfy, has long length so it covers the lower back during bends, it is warm but has a two way zipper so you can adjust it if you get too hot, or if you are sitting and you want the lower half to be open (great on plane flights!). It dries in a few hours, it does not fade, it is TOTALLY PERFECT!!! Please bring it back with the metal pocket zippers that do not chafe at the stitchings on the arms (that was an issue on a later version, but the item was suppressed before it could ever be corrected, sadly).

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