Getting a little concerned about Lulu quality!

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As a true, loyal Lulu customer, I am getting a little worried about some quality issues I have been seeing in my Lulu gear.  I'd like to start off by saying that I wear Lulu almost every day, all year round.  I don't even look at other brands, but I'm starting to question my loyalty.  Lulu continues to be super cute, but I have some concerns when function comes to mind.  Many of the new fabrics are soft and very luxurious feeling, which is great...except they are so fragile that holes sprout up, snags happen easily and pilling occurs.  I am willing to handle items with care and wash accordingly, even hand washing if needed.  Still, I have had issues with some of these finer fabrics that are supposedly meant for workouts and sweat sessions, yet don't even hold up to one or two wearings just knocking around town!  (Specifically, the Puri T mesh burnout fabric and 3 different Run Swiftly Tech tops).  I also have noticed the Power Y fabric is now very thin, not like the heavier material in the past.  Maybe some customers prefer the lighter weight, however, the consensus of my cronies is that the thicker material is better.  I also need to point out the new material for Lulu bottoms.  My favorite crop is the Gather and Crow Crop.  I have 3 older pairs that I wear to death.  I have been anxious to add to my collection, but the new fabric is too thin!  Please consider using a thicker, more compressive fabric for your bottoms.  Most women, no matter how fit they are, unfortunately sport a little rippling on the back of the thighs.  The new thinner material is so revealing of every imperfection.  The older, heavier material did a great job of holding it all in and masking those problem areas.  I would own a pair in every color if they were heavier and compressive!  I hope these suggestions are heard and taken into consideration.  I was hesitant to chime in since I'm sure you get hundreds of these a day, however, I just love Lulu so much and I really want to be able to keep supporting the products.  


**addendum:  Just to update...I received a personal message from the Lulu team.  They are actually reading our feedback!  At least we are being heard and they appear to really want to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction.  If we keep our feedback specific and constructive, they can work on the issues.  A thumbs up to Lulu for listening! 

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